About us

Enterprise Services Luxembourg S.à R.L.

ESL (Enterprise Services Luxembourg) belongs to FDS which is an independent DXC Technology delivery organization made of distinct legal entities, all wholly-owned subsidiaries of DXC, and focused on delivering onsite services to DXC customers. FDS is managed as a separate organization under one General Manager and at "arms length" distance within the DXC Technology group. FDS has its own governance, policies, practices, procurement, workforce and legal P&L statements. FDS has its own identity and is delivering services to DXC Technology customers under the FDS name.

Through DXC Technology, ESL is also present in the other sectors in the Luxembourg and in various European countries.

Through Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP PSF is also present in the other sectors in the Luxembourg, in various European countries and has been also active in North Africa & Middle East.

  • Sept 1998
    • Synstar Luxembourg S.A. was created from the management buy-out of the computer services operations of the Granada Group PLC
  • October 2004
    • Acquisition of Synstar by Hewlett-Packard. This acquisition was an opportunity to combine HP’s existing expertise and capabilities with those of Synstar, so that HP could provide our customers with a strengthened end-to-end service and a better return on their IT investment
  • May 2007
    • The name of Synstar Luxembourg changed into "Hewlett-Packard PSF". HP PSF covers the HP CDS portfolio and delivers services to the finance sector
  • November 2009
    • Acquisition of EDS PSF and intake of the delivery team of EDS Luxembourg
  • January 2017
    • Together with the split of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and the merge of its Enterprise Services component with CSC to create DXC Technology, FDS has been spun off from CDS, and operates in Luxembourg as ESL (Enterprise Services Luxembourg).